Person Centered Approches

We use Person Centred Approaches to ensure that any individual we support is always fully involved in decisions affecting all aspects of their life.

Providing person centred support means always listening, learning and focusing on what is important to and for someone, now and in the future.

At an individual level this means continuous communication with the people we support and with those who know them best. At RLC, practicing a Person Centred Approach includes giving the person opportunities to achieve their goals and outcomes, within the context of the service they are using.

A good person centred review makes sure you know what you need to do to get where you want to be in life. I chose who came to my review; it’s very important to me that I get to choose who comes to my review.

Sam, who is supported by RLC

Our staff work in a proactive way using person centred thinking tools, planning and reviews to continuously take steps towards a person’s goals and overcome any obstacles that may arise. Using person centred thinking tools is a different way to have a conversation with the people we support, to constantly learn and ensure they have choice and control over their own lives.

Person centred reviews are key to ensuring the RLC Promises are being met. At each review, every person we support has their voice heard and is involved with how they want to be supported and the things that need to change to achieve their personal outcomes.