About us

Our Values

Our values are at the centre of everything, in all our work we do.

  • Person Centred in our service, creative in our solutions
  • Accountable in our work, responsible for our actions
  • Respectful of choices, embracing diversity 

Our Mission

High-quality relationships are at the core of everything that we do. Through all our practice we treat our children, young people and everyone with respect and dignity, offering high-quality support and care to ‘Achieve Above and Beyond’ expectations. Our mission is at the core of every service and function that we deliver. It is a summary of our purpose and highlights our focus on human rights and the provision of choice and control.

Our Vision

  • Empowering people with learning disabilities to live a life that makes sense to them 

Our vision reflects our aspiration for people with disability are seen for their ability, where people with disability have the opportunity to participate as equal citizens and exercise control over personal outcomes.

Our Aims

Aim 1

To deliver stimulating, challenging and highly effective learning, centered around the needs and preferences of each individual.

Aim 2

To provide a caring, sensitive and learning environment.

Aim 3

To provide highly individualized education, enabling each child and young person to achieve above and beyond what may have been thought possible

Aim 4

To provide a safe environment; ensuring each young person’s well being and allowing them to excel in everything they do.

Aim 5

To ensure that each child and young person is motivated and able, to effectively communicate wherever they are.

Aim 6

To facilitate each child and young person’s ability to understand their needs and be able to self-regulate and self-advocate

Aim 7

For each child and young person to be constantly developing independence skills in all areas of their life.

Aim 8

For each child and young person to leave school able to engage with and contribute to their community.