We believe that everyone, irrespective of the complexity of his or her needs, wants to communicate and we believe effective communication is crucial.

To provide the support that truly reflects and meets an individual’s unique needs, choices and aspirations, we make sure that we find the best way of engaging with each person.

From signing, using objects of reference, pictures, symbols or adapting our verbal communication, we use person-centred Approaches to understand how a person wishes to communicate and be communicated with to ensure it is in a way that makes sense to them.

Communication profile

Everyone supported by Real Life Choices has a Communication Profile. It is a record which details a person’s expressive and receptive communication and importantly how they say they like or don’t like something. We ensure that the Profiles are put together with the person we support and that it is reviewed annually, with any changes recorded.

Easy read

Easy Read is a way of accessibly to communicate information to someone with a learning disability. Easy Read documents are written in plain English, with little punctuation, good spacing, a picture, photograph, symbol or drawing to illustrate each written point. All of Real Life Choice’s Easy Read information is given the Real Life Choices Checker’s stamp of approval before it is published. To find out more about the Easy Read click here

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