Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

RLC offers a broad curriculum to Learners, we deliver learning in a wide range of vocational, work-based and community settings for participants looking for lifelong learning.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs):

ILPs are created using person-centred approaches developed to meet the needs and goals of individuals. Plans are reviewed regularly on an individual basis and all achievements, great and small are celebrated. The process involves goal setting, learning delivery, support and review, recording achievements and celebration.

ILPs identify:

Learning styles or preferences, Prior learning, Likes & dislikes, Motivators Cultural aspects, Any barriers to learning, The starting point is always the long-term goals of the individual. We can then identify what skills, knowledge and understanding an individual needs to work towards their goals. The Individual Learning Plan identifies shorter-term objectives that provide smaller steps of learning towards longer-term aspirations.

Learning for people with complex needs:

For people with more complex learning disabilities, it is important to recognize skills that will enable individuals to lead a more fulfilling life, providing opportunities for skills to be learned and transferred to a range of other settings.

To support this principle, we have developed three key learning areas:

  • Communication
  • Maximizing Independence
  • Participation, including developing relationships

We have highly regarded ‘communication best practice guidelines’ that support staff to develop useful communication profiles and identify alternative communication systems such as signing, using symbols or objects to develop communication skills.

Learning opportunities & qualifications:

Throughout the wide range of services we provide, Learners are allowed to work towards nationally-recognized qualifications. These include National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) and Open College Network (OCN) Qualifications.
Partnership working is an essential part of our approach to Lifelong Learning. We have several partnerships with local Adult & Community Education teams and General FE Colleges. Some of our partnership work involves external tutors delivering learning to individuals or groups within our services. We have also developed partnerships with Local Learning and Skills Councils.

To find out what lifelong learning you can participate in, feel free to contact us